I turned in my Masters Thesis Monday. I could not be happier with the books I made, books intended to represent all of my work over the last two semesters. But they represent far more than that–I keep picking up my books, flipping through them and thinking “I made this. This is me. I am a cartoonist.”  Maybe I’m being sentimental, but these are books that I have been on the road to making for a very long time, built from foundations laid drawing crayon aliens and running around my friends’s back yard with capes, wooden swords and potion bottles.  And these books are a glimpse of things to come, of what I can and will do.

Wits End will start running on this site May 9th, my birthday. The first issue is already up for sale as a PDF on Gumroad, so if waiting for webcomics to update isn’t your thing, you can skip all that and get your very own PDF of the first issue for $2.  The second issue is also complete–it will be up for sale sometime in June, and start posting here once the first issue finishes.  I have the next three issues written, and it is my hope that a year from now I will be putting together a book with the first five issues and sending that finished work out into the world.

We’ll see what happens.  The future is full of potential, and I do not know what the next few months and years hold for me.  But I do know that I am extremely proud of everything I have created this past year, and I hope that you will enjoy reading Wits End as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to life on the page.