Hey Folks!

Not a huge update here, but I wanted to let you know that the comic anthology the Tom O’Brien and I are editing, Who is the Silhouette? is taking preorders on kickstarter!  We are thrilled to share the incredible work that our contributors have done, but we can only print the book if we have enough preorders (otherwise we’ll be publishing digitally, which is a good option to have but not our preference).

Who is the Silhouette? is a collection of superhero stories all offering different answers to the titular question.  The Silhouette is introduced in the first comic as an unknown hero saving people from a burning building.  In one story the Silhouette might be a time-traveling witch, in another a queer cutie trying to balance heroics and love.  The stories are wacky, cute, heartwarming and charming.

Although we’ve had some ups and downs, this anthology has been a joy to work on.  You can find it on kickstarter and follow the Silhouette tumblr, twitter or facebook page for updates, blog posts, interviews and more!

The campaign runs through March 3.  Thank you for your support, in all of its forms!