It’s been a busy year, and a good one, with a lot to reflect on and be thankful for.

At the beginning of 2015, I was finishing my fairytale comic Home for Maple Key Comics 6, and I am still incredibly proud of the work I put into that 23 page comic.

I moved from there onto chapter 4 of Wit’s End, which I finished drawing in May.   In that chapter I introduced the wizards tower, the most complicated and detailed setting in the story, which has been a pain to draw but a pleasure to see on the finished page.

In May Tom and I tabled at MeCAF in Portland, Maine, which is always a lovely show.  In June we moved to Chicago, to see what life for a cartoonist might hold outside of White River Junction, VT.

I jumped into chapter 5 of Wit’s End as soon as we settled in, and finished it in September.  Tom and I went back to Vermont/Massachusetts for a few days to attend Topatocon, which was one of our favorite tabling experiences to date.  In October we tabled at Project Comic Con, and I got to chat with some of my cartooning heroes.

At the end of the month, I got my wisdom teeth out.  The day after, I was offered a job at a tiny Chicago coffee shop, which is where I’m sitting as I write this.  I started as soon as my jaw stopped bleeding and I could get around with only moderate pain killers.

In November I launched a kickstarter to print Wit’s End, which was successfully funded by the target date in December.  I presented a cartooning workshop at The Hays Public Library, searched out Chicago comic book stores that will carry my book once it prints, and combed the book for errors.  I also had my one page adaptation of Rapunzel published in the Vermont alt weekly Seven Days, got a paper on world building and social justice in fantasy and science fiction accepted to an academic conference and Wit’s End got it’s first review from The Newest Rant (keep your eyes peeled for a upcoming review on High-Low!).

My comics total for the year is as follows:

23 pages monotone watercolored for Home (I penciled and inked it in 2014)

87 pages penciled, inked and digitally colored for Wit’s End (38 in chapter 4, 42 in chapter 5, 2 for the epilogue and 5 pages added to the revised chapter 1)

1 page penciled, inked and watercolored for Rapunzel

a handful of autobio comics (pencil and/or ink only)

This means I penciled and inked 88+ pages of comics, and colored 111.

My primary goal for this past year was Wit’s End. I wanted to get the comic finished and into hands, and with the conclusion of the kickstarter it’s well on it’s way.  I also had an unofficial goal of drawing 100+ pages of comics, and though I hesitate to count the pages watercolored for Home fully (I can’t count them for both ’14 and ’15), I think the year was a great success.

This past year my short comics were published in two places, in 2016 I hope to place comics with 3+ publications, starting with Scenes from a Cafe Counter, for which I’m drawing a comic based on my experience as a barista.  I hope to draw more pages this year than any before, and with greater variety than I have the past two years (Wit’s End has been time intensive).  I hope to get my comics into more hands, attend just as many or even more shows, and get a pitch developed for my next full length book.  I hope to do more academic work building off of the paper I just finished, which I will be presenting at a conference in February.  I hope to become more engaged with the Chicago arts community, and to engage in more collaborative work.

It’s going to be an exciting year, with new challenges and experiences.  I’m looking forward to it.