Hey folks,

It has been an amazing summer so far, and I wanted to bring you some updates on my comics life!

This past year I started working on a PhD in Communication, doing media studies and looking at visual storytelling.  I’m reading a lot, writing a lot and learning a lot in this program, all of which I think will ultimately make me a stronger and more thoughtful creator, but what I wasn’t doing during the school year was drawing a lot.  As soon as the semester ended though, that changed.

My first project in May was a Cinderella retelling that I collaborated on with Ben Evens and Tom O’Brien for the anthology Ever Afterwards.  In our version, instead of a ball the heroine is headed to a mech tournament, and her fairy god mechanic magics up a solar powered pumpkin and glass mech for the competition.  I wrote and inked the comic, Ben did the character designs and pencils and Tom jumped in at the last minute to color.  It was a relatively small project at 4 pages, but a fantastic way to jumpstart the summer.

Next up was Ghost Room, a mini comic I’ve been working on off and on for a year and a half.  I had gotten a big chunk of pencils and a few ink/color tests done during my winter break, but in order to debut the comic at MeCAF I had to double down and work like crazy for a couple of weeks.  I couldn’t be prouder of the results.  Ghost Room is not yet available online, but I’ll keep you posted when it reaches the digital world.

My third big project is Who is The Silhouette? an anthology that Tom O’Brien and I will be editing this fall.  We hired Willow Payne to illustrate a promo comic as a jumping off point for the book, and opened submissions earlier today!  In the promo comic, which will be the first story in the book, we are introduced to a new superhero, caught on the news saving people from a burning building.  The reporters know next to nothing about this hero, but they have published some blurry footage and dubbed them “The Silhouette”.   The rest of the comics in the anthology will explore different takes on who this hero is and what it means to be a hero.  You can learn more about the anthology and submit a pitch at who-is-the-silhouette.tumblr.com.

It feels wonderful to be working on comics full time again over the summer, and I have a couple of other scripts, pitches and projects in the works that I can’t share yet but am looking forward to getting out into the world!