I’ve moved into a new town, started a new program, and am settling into the swing of things.  Life has me very busy with non-comics things, but I have a few obligations yet to fulfill for previous projects, and am hoping that I will be able to find time to continue a few personal projects at a slower pace.

This website is due for a major overhaul, and I hope I can pull that off by the end of the year, or at least by the end of the spring.  My focus has shifted in the 6+ years I’ve been publishing work on this site, and the new design should reflect that and make it easier to navigate the different aspects of my creative and academic life.  Until then, I don’t expect many major updates or much new work here–the projects I hope to make time for this fall will be better shared through other platforms.  You can follow my tumblr and twitter (links at the top of the page!) to keep track of what I’m working on.

I hope you all are having a wonderful year so far, and wish you the best of luck on whatever challenges you may be undertaking!