Things are moving along well with Who is The Silhouette? ! Tom and I accepted 9 pitches from 13 talented creators and are thrilled with the work they’re producing.  We’ve tentatively scheduled the Kickstarter for January, so keep an eye out!  We’ll be posting more updates, samples, interviews and other content as we get closer.

The comics project that I wasn’t quite ready to mention during my last update was the Wayward Sisters Anthology.  I am thrilled to have written a comic for this collection, about a dinosaur woman on an awkward first date, which is being illustrated by Ronnie Ritchie (check out their art, it’s adorable).  The anthology celebrates monstrous women, and will be launching its Kickstarter this coming week!

Academically, I’m proud to share my first published paper “Agency, Identity, Sex, Gender, and Pokémon Go” which has been collected in Well Played V.6 N.3.  You can read the whole journal for free here.

I will be at two conventions this fall, first in Burlington at the Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium where I will be tabling with Tom O’Brien, and second at the Portland Comics Expo.  I won’t have a table at Portland, but I will have a few copies of Home and Ghost Room to sell or trade.  Feel free to say hi!  Ghost Room is also now available online: I’ve put it up on Gumroad as a pay-what-you-want PDF.  It’s a 16-page comic in orange and blue, and my first piece aimed at adults (there is some casual cursing, and younger children may be bored by the plot).  I poured a lot of heart into this piece, so I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it.  Feel free to tweet at me, comment here or otherwise let me know what you think!

Otherwise, I’m busy working as a TA for a course on writing for video games and taking as many courses as I can possibly fit into my schedule.  This month I’m doing Inktober, drawing a four-panel sketch comic every day and uploading them to tumblr in batches.  They’re pretty absurd, but it’s been a good exercise.

Expect the next update here right around the new year.