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  1. Justin

    I like that you put “chance at a better life” instead of what most schools teach, education LEADING to or RESULTING in a better life.

    I have always thought that the media, schools and most others expect that if follow their plan, that you will have a better life…but it’s not a promise to such, having an education and health care, doesn’t guarantee a better life, but gives you a chance at it.


    • Allison

      They have a lot of value and offer opportunities, but few of us are guaranteed anything and college isn’t the right path for everyone. There are other ways to find your way in life, and other meaningful experiences you can learn and grow from. You know that better than I do–on that, I learned slowly. School was the right path for me, and it took me awhile to realize that it wasn’t right for everyone.

      However, as a book lover, I have to say that access to a good library is essential, and leads to an average 12.8% increase in overall well being, a static I totally did not make up on the spot, nope, not at all. Though in seriousness, reading books with kids, increasing literacy world wide and fostering love of reading have been linked to good things, as have increased access to education and healthcare. Not everyone needs a PhD in order to thrive and to be the person they want to be, but I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity. :)

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